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The MekArm™ manipulator (Figure 1) constitutes a two degree-of-freedom (2-DOF) planar robotic arm with an actuated, parallel-finger gripper, all driven by servomotors under control of a robot. The three, independent, servo-driven motions, starting at the base, are called the shoulder joint, wrist joint and the fingers. The green lines projecting out of the shoulder and wrist servos designate the axis of rotation for the joints. MekArm™ mounts on the TJ Pro™ robot to provide a 4-DOF manipulator with gripper, a total of five degrees of motion. The wheels of the robot provide two degrees of freedom in the plane of motion of the robot. The plane of motion of the forearm and end-effector is perpendicular to the floor and the gripper fingers move parallel with respect to each other.






Mounted on a mobile robot, MekArm™ provides a vital function missing from previous Mekatronix robots, the ability to manipulate objects. This capability propels the TJ Pro™ robot into a higher plane of performance and functionality. A companion MekArm™ Education Manual discusses manipulator characteristics and provides source code for Coordinated and Parallel motion control. For details and pricing ask a Mekatronix distributor. While designed specifically for the TJ Pro robot, in the near future, you will be able to attach MekArm™ to other Mekatronix robots, the Talrik II and Robobug. You can also use MekArm™ in stand-alone mode wherein the manipulator mounts on a platform, for example, the MindStamp™, or one of your own design that houses an MTJPRO11 microcontroller.




The MekArm™ structural parts divide conveniently into three subassemblies 1. Manipulator Base, part numbers with 01 suffix, 2. Forearm, part numbers with 02 suffix, 3. End-effector Base, part numbers with 03 suffix. Fasteners for the three subassemblies appear in as well as the servo and gripper listings. Two of the servos drive the joints and the third, a two-fingered gripper. The gripper attaches to the end effector base plate. Other end-effectors, future Mekatronix offering or those of your own design, such as scoops and shovels can also be attached to the end-effector base. Table 2 You can purchase optional sensors to mount on the MekArm™. Some of these options, listed in , include IR detection and ranging and light detection. You can also use the eyelets to mount visible LEDs and create headlights. Table 3 10






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