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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble downloading to my robot. What can I do?

Make sure the robot is in download mode. To do this, check the toggle switch labelled DOWNLOAD/RUN.

Check the cable connection to ensure that is is properly connected. The D2 LED should light up when the RESET button is pressed with the robot in download mode.

Where can I find my software?

Contact your distributor to find out how you can download the software on the internet.

How do I install my software?

Read the readme (*.txt) files included with your distribution software. These files contain step-by-step instructions for software installation. Follow these instructions faithfully!

How do I get PCBug11 to download to my robot?

Mekatronix doesn't support PCBug11, but we have a second party document on the FREE Downloads page that may help.

I turn on my robot and nothing happens. What's wrong?

The most likely problem is that your batteries need to be charged overnight with the robot turned off.

When I turn on my robot, my robot gives a single twitch. Is this a problem?

No, that is normal. If the robot continues to twitch, shut power off immediately. Next, switch the robot to DOWNLOAD mode, and turn the robot on again.

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