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Interactive C
High Speed Downloader Interactive C is an efficient C interpreter for Motorola MC68HC11-based robots and embedded systems. Interactive C's claim to fame is its interactivity & ease of use: users can type in expressions, have them compiled on the fly, and run immediately, rather than waiting for lengthy compile and download cycles.

Memory requirements: 32Kbytes of SRAM is a good minimum. That way you have enough room for I.C. and your programs.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95/NT, Macintosh, Linux, SGI Unix, Solaris, SunOS

  • Integrated compiler/debugger. You can easily try out C statements and expressions at the commmand line, before writing them into code.
  • Easy-to-use & completely integrated multitasker, with simple syntax, allowing you to write behavioral-style programs.
  • "Persistent" variables, which keep their state in between runs of your software. This allows you to change calibrations or store information that doesn't get wiped out each time you start your code.
  • Dynamically linkable ".icb" drivers.
  • The ability to use #define macros for more efficient code, yet still type expressions & statements using macros interactively at the commandline.
  • Crash-proof operation. Trying to track down software bugs can be challenging if you don't know for certain that the hardware is stable. With Interactive C, if your board crashes, you can narrow the problem down to hardware.

Accomplish crash-proof operation with the following features:

  • Complete type safety. Unlike typical versions of C which require users to correctly enter function prototypes & external declarations for proper compilation, Interactive C verifies correct arguments for all function calls & types across separate ".c" files.
  • Array bounds checking. Array bounds are verified, preventing writing off the ends of arrays & corrupting memory.

A "Go To Line" menu item,
Improved reliability for the initial download of pcode; IC will no longer incorrectly complain about the Config register on certain machines,
The interaction window can no longer be resized to zero size, &
A standard windows installation program makes installation easier.

(Macintosh users: The Mac version already has a "go to error" feature, & didn't have the problems that needed fixing.)

Free updates to future versions of IC 3.X.

Improvements on the Freeware IC 2.8:

  • Better integration into the Windows & Macintosh environments.
  • Integrated development environment for Windows & Macintosh, including built-in editor (for those who wish to use it).
  • Integrated C preprocessor, including the ability to use #defined macros at the command line.
  • Standard C features such as structs & multidimensional arrays.

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