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New Products

Sonar Sensor

Mekatronix Sonar Sensor

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This NEW sonar transducer can be easily added to any MekatronixTM robot to provide accurate ranging data and object detection. It can also be used independently for many sensing applications. The MekatronixTM Pan-Tilt Head is designed to mount this sonar, making it possible to add a scanning sonar for any sensing application.

Pan-Tilt Head

Argos Pan-Tilt Head

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The Argos pan-tilt head is designed to mount on all MekatronixTM robots. It provides a mount for additional sensors as well as mounting space for almost anything you could want to put on your robot. Click here for more information on this great new product.

Picture of Mekatronix AVR Microcontroller

AVR Microcontroller System

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This AVR microcontroller system allows you to develop control software for motors, sensors, instruments, robots, games, electronic products, experiments, appliances, and other embedded applications.

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