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MRSX01 Sensor Expansion Board MRSX01: Mekatronix Robot Sensor Expansion Module
The MRSX01 mates with the MRC11 to provide extensive sensor and control capabilities for robotic and other mechatronic projects. The two board stack, MRSX01 and MRC11, furnishes the circuitry that supports all the sensory, motor, and cognitive functions for the TALRIKIITM autonomous mobile robot.
The MRSX01 features:
  • 20 Analog Inputs,
  • 2 Digital Inputs,
  • 8 Memory Mapped Digital Outputs
  • 4 Memory Addressable Input Device Selects,
  • 3 Memory Addressable Output Device Selects,
  • High Memory Select(Address >= b"1111 1111 1011 1xxx"),
  • 2 Pulse Width Modulated Outputs for Motor Control,
  • 2 Pulse Width Modulated Outputs for Servo Control,
  • 1 Pulse Width Modulated Output assigned to an optional piezo speaker,
  • A Battery charge circuit (100ma at 12 volts-DC),
  • Battery Voltage Sensor (Analog Input),
  • Charge Current Sensor (Analog Input),
  • Front Bumper Sensor (Analog Input),
  • Rear Bumper Sensor (Analog Input),
  • 40 KHz square wave generator,
  • Processor Data Bus and Ports brought out to a 60 pin Header
  • Battery-Power-In and Battery-Power-Out Headers
Fourteen analog inputs lead out to 3-pin male headers: (pin-1,pin-2, pin-3)=(Signal, 5 Volts, Ground). TALRIKIITMuses these 14 analog inputs to sense IR detector signals. Six other analog inputs terminate on 2-pin male headers: (Signal, 5Volts).
TALRIKIITM employs these 6 analog inputs for light detection with photoresistors. The TALRIKIITM utilization of the MRSX01 resources represents just one possibility out of many possible choices.

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