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Mekatronix Manuals

The manuals below can be downloaded FREE of charge with the following restrictions.

  • The following documents are believed to be accurate, but carry no warranty, either expressed or implied.
  • MekatronixTM reserves the right to make changes without further notice to improve reliability and performance.
  • When assembling printed circuit boards, be sure to work in a well ventilated area and wear appropriate eye protection.
  • Users unskilled in soldering and assembly of printed circuit boards may prefer to purchase factory assembled boards.
  • To download MekatronixTM manuals you will need the ADOBE ACROBAT READER. If you do not have your free copy, select ACROBAT READER to receive instructions on how to obtain it.



MekatronixTM grants to individuals or organizations permission reproduce and distribute copies of MekatronixTM manuals for personal or non-commercial educational use only. The copyright notice in each document must be included in its entirety.

Robot Assembly Manuals

Robot User's Manuals

TJTM Pro Assembly Manual

Talrik IV TM Assembly Manual

TJTM User's Manual

TJTM Pro User's Manual

RoboBugTM Assembly Manual

TJTM Assembly Manual

Talrik IVTM User's Manual

Robobug User's Manual

TJ AVRTM Assembly Manual




TJ Pro Cable Assembly Manual






Instructions for Various Modifications and Hacks

IR Analog Hack

Servo Hack

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