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Mekatronix Support

Refer to our support policy below before contacting technical support. Please use our Technical Support Request Form for all correspondence. It is available in text and PDF form.

Then e-mail your technical questions about Mekatronix products to

All Category 1 and 2 e-mails MUST include your invoice number and distributor name!



Because of the wide diversity of our products, the Mekatronix Technical Support Group has established the following policy in order to help us serve you better and more efficiently. All requests for information and/or support should be made using the Mekatronix Technical Support Request Form.

Category 0 Questions

Pre-purchase inquiries about Mekatronix products only.

Category 1 Questions

Inquiries about Mekatronix products, missing or replacement parts, and clarifications of Mekatronix manual instructions. This category also includes startup difficulties and technical help on purchased Mekatronix products within 90 days of the date of purchase. Don't forget to include your invoice number and distributor name!

Category 2 Questions

All other assistance will be billed at $25 each email query. An email query consists of the customer's initial questions, tech support's response to the questions and any continuation of the same question within reason. A Technical Support charge number is required for these type questions. Don't forget to include your invoice number and distributor name!

Refer questions, comments, or errors regarding this website to the
All other questions should be referred to Tech Support

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