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MRC11 Microcontroller Board MRC11: Mekatronix Robot Controller
The MRC11 board consists of an MC68HC11A1 processor with 64 kbytes of memory, in the form of two 32 kbyte SRAMs. Either partition can be jumpered to accept RAM or ROM combinations. The MRC11 can be used as a general purpose controller for many applications. The MRC11 can be stacked with the MRSX01 circuit board to form a powerful controller with extensive Input/Output drive capability.

The MRC11/MRSX01 board combination yields a complete robot microcontroller and operates as the brains and sense driver for the TALRIKIITM. This board combination possesses general features useful for almost any microcontroller or mechatronic applications where programmable machine intelligence enhances performance, for example, in your own robot designs. Together, the MRC11 processor-memory and the MB2325 serial communications circuit boards, exceed, in function, the Motorola EVBU. The MRC11 stacked with the MRSX01 provides more features than the Motorola MC68HC11 EVBU stacked with the MekatronixTM ME11 and may be substituted for it when the MRC11/MRSX01 stack is augmented by a single MB2325 serial communications board.

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