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Argos Pan-Tilt Head
The Argos package is a brand new product designed to provide mounting areas for additional sensors and can be added to any Mekatronix robot. There are several packages which provide different levels of sensing capability, and more are on the way soon.
The Argos Pan-Tilt Head supports a variety of sensors on a pan-tilt head that mounts on any of the MekatronixTM robots. The basic Argos sensor unit includes two IR detectors and two light detectors. Options include sonar and/or a color camera with an RF NTSC video transmitter. The pan-servo platform, called the mezzanine, supports two optional side-looking IR detectors with IR emitters for illumination.

Argos Software
Argos libraries and several application programs permit you to integrate and test your Argos system with your robot and become aquainted with its usage. Mekatronix's new SERVO8 controller software package comes bundled with the Argos at no extra charge! The SERVO8 software allows you to control up to eight Servos or DC motors in any mix, as long as the total is less than eight!

A forthcomming Argos Education Manual will provide more detailed applications and experiments.

Basic Argos Kit
The basic Argos kit contains all the parts necessary to build the pan-tilt head, including the following:
  • ABS plastic or wooden parts for servo mounts.
  • Two servos to position the head.
  • Test software with source code.
  • Standard sensor head.
  • Components needed to mount to robot.

  • Standard Sensor Kit Sonar Sensor Kit
  • 2 digital IR detectors
  • 1 infrared (IR) emitter
  • 2 CdS photoresistors
  • This sensor expansion includes the MekatronixTM MUST01 sonar and the components needed to use it with your MekatronixTM robot. This kit includes the cable, power switch and some sample source code.

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