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Imagecraft ICC11 Compiler for Windows
High Speed Downloader

ICC11 provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming 68HC11-based robots as well as many helpful compiler tools. Click here for a description of compiler tools included with the software.

The ImageCraft IDE is a Windows program that enhances the command line based compiler tools. Our IDE is part of each Windows C Compiler package.

Features include:
  • Configuration Setup Wizard - makes loading, adding & changing target configurations a snap! Comes with configurations for popular boards.
  • Project Builder - specify files that belong to a project and the IDE manages dependencies and automatic rebuilding for you.
  • Faster IDE compiling than earlier versions!
  • Button Bar with pop-up descriptions for quick access to functions.
  • Works under Windows 3.x, 95, 98 & NT.
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI).
  • CUA conformant editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Terminal window with ASCII file transfer.
High Speed Downloader
  • ICC11: Bootstrap programming of internal EEPROM, external EEPROM (including Xicor X68C75), and external RAM.
  • ICC12: BDM downloading via EVB912 & BDM POP.
  • Add your favorite tools to the tool menu.
  • Tight integrations with command line compiler tools. Set options with dialog boxes.
  • Double click on an error message to jump to the source line with the error.

ICC11 Compiler Tools

This is a description of the compiler tools that are included in the ICC11 package. For a description of the Windows IDE, see above.

Features include:
  • Full support for floating point data types (IEEE single precision format).
  • Built-in peephole optimizer - code quality is typically only 5% to 20% larger than compilers costing 10 times or more.
  • Target-specific support such as embedded assembly, writing interrupt functions in C etc.
  • Initialized global data.
  • Relocatable assembler, linker, & librarian:
  • SPECIAL FEATURE! Transparent support for discontiguous memory devices (e.g. multiple ROMs in different addresses; work around the BUFFALO writing to location 0x4000 bug; or leave hole for the internal EEPROM; etc.)
  • Support for multiple code & data sections.
  • Library source.
  • Make utility for managing project file dependency (or use the IDE to avoid writing makefiles!).
  • Comprehensive printed manual, approximately 90 pages.
  • Source code examples and 3rd party libraries include LCD library, MIT Miniboard library, & the F1 board library.
  • C-subset library is included.
  • ~90 page comprehensive printed manual.

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