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MSCC11 Single Chip Computer MSCC11: A Single Chip MC68HC11 Microcontroller
Pick any Motorola MC68HC11 series mircoprocessor and plug it right into the MSCC11. The MC68HC11 processor is mounted in a 52-pin PLCC with headers connected to the processor ports.

MSCC11 Features
  • Eight 3-wire (5volts, ground, signal) powered analog or digital input header connected to Port_E.
  • Eight 3-wire powered digital output header connected to Port B.
  • Eight 3-wire powered bidirectional digital signal header connected to Port C.
  • Jumpers to separate unregulated and regulated power and ground rails on the headers.
  • The power rail can drive up to 16 servos attached to Port C and Port B headers.
  • The regulated voltage rail always drives the microcontroller and the eight powered digital/analog inputs attached to Port E.
  • Eight 3-wire powered analog sensor connectors may be attached directly to Port E.
  • A 6-pin male header permits the MSCCB11 to serially communicate with other MSCC11s or personal computers using the Mekatronix Bidirectional Serial Communications Board (MB2325) described below.

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