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MTPRO11 Microcontroller Board MTJPRO11: Compact Microcontroller with 32Kbytes of SRAM
The Mekatronix MTJPRO11 has many of the features of the ME11 combined with the Motorola EVBU, plus extras. This board has a broad range of applications. Any project requiring a small, embedded microcontoller will find the MTJPRO and ideal solution. Size: 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

MTJPRO11 Features
  • MC68HC11 microcontroller
  • 32 kbytes of memory (SRAM) with battery memory save mode.
  • Total of 8 analog input channels with 3-pin (signal, power and ground) headers.
  • Mode switch header, power switch header, reset switch header, battery power header, power-on LED header, battery charge header.
  • Serial Communications Interface with 6-pin header (can connect to an MB2325).

Input/Output Capabilities
  • 4 digital switch inputs with 2-pin headers (uses one of the analog channels).
  • 5 servo controller outputs with 3-pin (signal, power and ground) headers.
  • 3 digital inputs/input capture inputs.
  • 8 bits of digital output capable of driving a total of 75ma continuous current. A single output can drive as much as 35ma of continuous current.
  • 8 by 2 pin header array in series with the 8 digital outputs and 8 pull-up resistors.
  • 4 memory-mapped digital input and 3 memory-mapped digital output enables with 7-pin header controlled by the R/W line and E-clock of the MC68HC11 processor.
  • Stable, crystal-driven, 40Khz clock to modulate IR and sonar.
  • 8-pin header making the microcomputer data bus available for external use.

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