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High Speed Downloader
High Speed Downloader The 68HC11 High-Speed Downloader v1.0 (Requires Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0) is an ultra-fast downloader for the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller family that eliminates the headache of trying to use the slow PCBug11 downloader. HSSDL11 is a fully operational 32 bit program that can download Motorola S19 files into your microcontroller's RAM at speeds of up to 115,200 Baud. (Over 10x faster than PCBug11!).
It greatly speeds up the whole programming/debugging process, minimizing turnaround times. It allows you to download without locking up your COM port in a seamless windows environment. No extra external hardware is needed to achieve this speed boost. Just run the program, select your code file, connect the RS232 link, & download the code into the 68HC11!

This program has been tested on Motorola's A series and E series of chips and only downloads into the external RAM. (Not the EEPROM). Also works great with: TJ Pro, TalrikII robots, and the MTJPRO11, MRC11, and ME11 microcontroller boards.

Applications include serial communications between a personal computer COM port via an MB2325 to any MekatronixTM device, such as the MTJPRO11, that provides serial communication at logic voltage levels (+5 volts and ground).

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