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Front View of TJ Pro TJ ProTM TJ Pro Specs
TJ ProTM offers a sophisticated, expandable, programmable, autonomous, mobile robot with features found on units costing twice as much. This robot uses the same body as the TJ robot. TJ ProTM is available in an aircraft plywood or black ABS plastic body. It rides on two 2.75 inch Du-Bro wheels and a rear skid driven by a pair of servos, hacked as gearhead motors.

TJ Pro Controller
Mekatronix MTJPRO11TM provides the brains and communication capability of the TJ ProTM.

Control and communication features include the following:
  • MC68HC11 microcontroller.
  • 32Kbytes of SRAM.
  • Five-volt serial communication interface for downloading and uploading programs and data to a personal computer. The serial bus implements RS-232 protocol except for the voltages. The Mekatronix circuit board MB2325 (sold separately) converts this processor serial bus to a standard RS-232 bus.
  • High speed, 5volt synchronous serial bus. Up to 1 MHz data rate.
  • 5 Volt regulator.
  • Low-voltage-inhibit reset circuit.
  • Memory Save Feature supplies power to the SRAM to prevent loss of code and data in memory.

  • I/O Expansion Capabilities
    The MTJPRO11TM circuit board provides TJ ProTM with exceptional I/O power for a robot its size (Mekatronix will offer future enhancement kits based on these capabilities. Check this web site for further releases.)
    1. Eight digital outputs.
    2. Three digital input ports with program-optional automatic digital waveform capture.
    3. Hardware generated 40KHz signal to modulate IR and sonar.
    4. Processor data bus and an 8-bit address decoder port enable expansion up to four external 8-bit Digital Input and four external 8-bit Digital Output ports.
    5. Five, 8-bit analog input channels available. Combined with external analog multiplexers and digital input address decoding, each analog channel could be multiplexed to as many channels as the external multiplexer allows.

    Support Software
    TJ ProTM programs can be written in MC68HC11 Assembly Language, C, or BASIC.
    • Freeware
      1. Sensor and motor routines provided in assembly language.
      2. An old freeware version of the Interactive C (IC), an extremely useful C interpreter by Randy Sargent.
      3. PCBUG11 freeware for downloading Motorola S19 files.
      4. Freeware MC68HC11 Assembly Language.
    • Commercially Available Software (Sold Separately)
      1. Interactive C, available in new integrated windows development environment.
      2. ICC11 C compiler.
      3. PROGO, a program similar to LOGO developed by Mekatronix especially for those who want their programming to be easy. Especially suitable for young children (although the Big Boys and Girls like it too!)

    TJ Pro Sensor Suite
    Every TJ ProTM comes with the minimum sensor suite listed in the table. These sensors are wired directly to headers on MTJPRO11TM microcomputer circuit board. These sensors have the following characteristics:
    1. Two forward-looking IR emitters, emitting at a wavelength of 940nm.
    2. One backward-looking IR emitter, emitting at a wavelength of 940nm.
    3. Two forward-looking analog IR detectors. These sensors produce analog channel readings from about 88 to 128 out of a possible 256. The number 256 corresponds to five volts.
    4. Three front bumper momentary tactile switches, each switch closure separately identifiable.
    5. One back bumper momentary tactile switch
    6. User expandable sensors.
    Basic TJ ProTM Sensor Suite
    TJ ProTM Label Name Function
    IRDLF Infrared Detector, Left Front Proximity Sensor
    IRDRF Infrared Detector, Right Front Proximity Sensor
    FBLSW Front Bumper Left Switch Front contact Sense
    FBCSW Front Bumper Center Switch Front contact Sense
    FBRSW Front Bumper Right Switch Front contact Sense
    RBSW Rear Bumper Switch Rear contact Sense

    TJ ProTM Manuals
    TJ ProTM Assembly Manual TJ ProTM User's Manual

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