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Side View of TJ
Talrik JuniorTM
Talrik JuniorTM, affectionately known as TJTM, is an excellent entry level vehicle for introducing you to the exciting area of programmable, autonomous, mobile robots. TJTM costs 30% less than other comparable robot kits. A completed TJ is 7 inches in diameter and 3.5 inch tall. TJTM is available in 5-ply model aircraft plywood or black ABS plastic, and rides on two, 2.75 inch Du-Bro wheels and a rear skid. A pair of servos hacked as gearhead motors move TJTM at about 1 foot per second.

Front View of TJ
TJTM Manuals and Specs
  • MSCC11 programmable microcontroller.
    • 256 bytes RAM
    • 2 kbytes EEPROM
Sensors Additional Equipment Needed
  • Two IR detectors.
  • Two IR emitter headlights in the front.
  • IR emitter tailight mounted in the back underneath the plate.
  • Four contact switches, three in front and one in back.
  • Bumper encircling the waist to activate contact switched.
  • Input/Output capability available to increase TJTM's sensor functions.
  • MB2325 and C2325 - required to connect to PC or Mac for programming.
  • Please Note:
    • Only one MB2325 and one C2325 cable is needed, regardless of the number of MekatronixTM robots you own.
    • If you have more than one PC, you might want one per PC as a convenience.

Bundled Software Development Software
  • Collision avoidance.
  • Bump detection and avoidance.

Application Software
IR Remote Control Module
Module includes:
  • Documentation
  • TV-type remote control
  • IR sensor
  • Sample program
    • TJ Sample Software - Includes sample source code and style manual.
    • Artificial Intelligence Software - Watch TJ go from a blind haphazard crazed maniac to an aware & calculating robot. If left on forever, could he eventually outsmart you? Now Includes Source Code!!
    • Remote Control Reader - Read & report what signals your TV remote control puts out. Then program TJTM to accept those signals as commands & make your own TV remote controlled vehicle! (This is the program that was used to develop the Remote Control Modules & requires that module for use) Includes the program & special cable. Now includes source code!!

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