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Talrik II

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TJ Pro with Argos

MekatronixTM is a manufacturer of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Robot Kits, microcontroller kits and robot accessories, as well as educational materials related to science and robotics. Our robots and microcontrollers provide students and researchers with valuable hands-on experience in programming and engineering concepts. There are numerous universities which base classes on our various products.

We are currently developing classroom curricula for middle school, high school, and college students based on several of our platforms. If you are an educator, ask our distributors about the Education Program that earns teachers and professors free product credit based on student and institutional purchases.

If you are a part of a robot club or society, ask our distributors about the Robot Club Program that earns the club free product credit based on member purchases.

If you are interested in distributing Mekatronix products, you may e-mail: varpsyanderson (no spaces or periods) at the website address.

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