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Talrik II
TalrikIITM offers a sophisticated, expandable, programmable, autonomous, mobile robot with features found on units costing a lot more. TalrikIITM fits into a right circular cylinder of 10 inch diameter and 10 inch height. It is available in beautiful, 5-ply model aircraft plywood or black ABS plastic for a more modern look. TalrikIITM rides on two 3 inch Du-Bro wheels and a rear caster. Two high quality servos, hacked as gearhead motors and mounted underneath the platform, drive these wheels.

Sensors Fully Assembled Talrik II
  • Battery voltage level detect
  • Recharge current detect.
  • Can determine multiple, simultaneous collision points.
  • Can ascertain where the collision(s) occured +/-15 degrees.
  • Twelve IR emitters.
  • 12 IR detectors.
  • 10 bump switches.
  • 3 CdS look-down "nose" light sensors.
  • 3 CdS scanning light sensors.
  • MRC11 robot controller with MC68HC11 brain and 64k bytes of memory.
  • MRSX01 sensor expansion board.
  • Convenient, easy access to all of TalrikIITM sensors and servos.
  • Built-in recharging circuitry with diode protection and charge-light LED indicator.
  • Sensor bridge with five slots cut to enable mounting up to five servos
  • Also has holes drilled to mount two MSCC11 stand-alone single chip microcontrollers.
  • Sensor head configured with three photoresistor light detectors, mounted on a Pan-Sensor-Head
  • Allows tracking of light beacons and characterization of ambient light conditions while scanning through slightly more than 180 degrees.
  • Mekatronix will offer a variety of different pan sensor heads in the future.

Accessories and Add-Ons
Talrik II shown in Black ABS Plastic
  • Viking Helmet - Protects the bridge and detects collisions with objects above the plate.
  • Pan Head/Pan-Tilt Head - Available to mount on the bridge
    • Option 1 - Can accomodate the ultrasonic sonar sensor, infrared emitter/detector pairs, and CdS light sensors to give TalrikII one of the most versatile sensor suite of any robot at this price.
    • Option 2 - Mount the video transmitter to see the world from the robot's eyes!
  • Radio frequency communications modules to allow remote control and/or remote processing of sensor data.
  • Additional MSCC11 or MTJPro11 microcontroller modules for more advanced behaviors.

Additional Equipment Needed TalrikII Manuals and Specs
  • MB2325 and C2325 - required to connect to PC or Mac for programming.
  • Please Note:
    • Only one MB2325 and one C2325 cable is needed, regardless of the number of MekatronixTM robots you own.
    • If you have more than one PC, you might want one per PC as a convenience.
Mekatronix manuals can be downloaded FREE. (Printed, bound copies can be purchased for $29.95 each)

Bundled Software Application Software
The following software comes with the TalrikII kit:
  • Sensor Test Module
  • Motor Test Module
  • Serial Communications Module
  • Servo, Motor, and Sensor Test Module
  • Autonomous wandering with simple collision avoidance and bump sensing.
  • Sonar Control Software.
  • Pan-Tilt Head Software.
  • RF Communication Software.
  • White or Black line following.
  • Light/Beacon following.
  • Beacon Communication (Available 4Q99)
  • Beacon Homing (Available 4Q99)
  • Trajectory Specification and Execution (Available 1Q00)
  • Artificial Neural Based Collision Avoidance (Available 4Q99)
  • Simple Map Builder (Available 4Q99)
  • Navigation (Available 4Q99)
  • Neural Activation and Control Development (Available 4Q99)
Development Software

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